The Crane river park is a small oasis of serenity that meanders its way through the suburban sprawl from Isleworth in West London to Hounslow Heath encompassing Richmond, Twickenham, Whitton and Hanworth.

The park defies its industrial heritage and is home to a wonderful range of wild life and plants which are carefully managed by some dedicated volunteer groups,the London wildlife Trust and local councils, but you can still see evidence of the notorious gunpowder mills and visit the grade two listed beautiful shot tower which is now a visitor centre and close to The Crane River Island Nature Reserve.

I am fortunate enough to live close by and can enjoy walking there every day with my two dogs..People smile on the walk and locals know each other well sharing random chats about doggy behaviour, bikes, prams and pushchairs. This colourful litter of daily experiences is a big part of my inspiration for 'The Doggy Hotel'. I love it and am never happier than when I am out and about under the trees, serenaded by birdsong.